Using Custom Digital Calendars to Stay in Front of Customers

posted on 09 Jun 2013 04:15 by tucyghueke

custom business calendars are a great form of advertising for your business, as they are, more often than not, prominently displayed by people who receive them and are used on a constant basis. A custom made calendar printed with your company's name, logo, phone number, and, possibly, information about your services. It can contain photos of your products or photos that support your brand image. Although people who use your custom calendar may not purposely look at your name and logo each time, the branding is subliminally imprinted into their minds. Your business name has a higher chance of being remembered especially when it is hung in busy areas.

Calendars can be displayed (as inside advertising) in the workplace lunchrooms, break rooms, customer service areas and executive offices as well as in the homes and home offices of customers and employees. Custom calendars are extremely cost-effective and they offer targeted marketing for a very low cost per exposure.

Ways on using Custom Calendars for Advertising

custom calendars printing for Special Occasions

As a business owner, you can make use of this marketing tool by giving away custom-made calendars at special company sales events or gifts to valuable customers and potential prospects. Everyone is looking for new calendars annually and free ones are always welcome by everyone. Each page of the calendar could feature a different product that you carry, have a different message about your company, or could show images that are associated with your product or service.

Provide spaces on the custom calendars for people to make notes and jot down important dates makes the calendar even more useful.

Make sure that the photos you use are displayed attractively and professionally. You could even hire a professional photographer or just use a simple camera but have the photo optimized for calendar printing.

Ideas for Your Custom Calendar

> Incorporate your product into images that are in concert with your offerings when shooting your pictures

> If you provide a service, take pictures of places or things that provide a perception of how much better your customer would be after using you. For instance, if you own a paint and body shop, take pictures of bright, shiny cars, trucks or motorcycles.

> If you provide in-home products and/or services, showing pictures of their homes adds a personal touch that will go a long way.

> Include helpful tips on using your products or feature a do-it-yourself project utilizing the product to keep customers referring back to your calendar.

> Funny quotes or a humorous saying about your product would also grab a person's interest.

A good photograph is important as it is usually the first thing that grab's a person's attention. A cute photo of an animal or baby posing with your product is also a good idea as they are usually perceived in a positive light.

Custom Calendars for Personal Intentions

A message from the business owner would also work - such as greetings or good wishes for the coming year or thanking everyone for their support. Another great idea is to include coupons on the calendar towards purchase of your products as an added bonus for increasing sales.

It is very important to include your company's name and logo because this serves as your company's identity and will continually brand your business each time they use it. With a custom made calendar, you can be sure that your exposure is long-term – day after day - with a high form of return on your investment.

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